Loida video channel: Loida Garcia-Febo in YouTube.

Thanks to the media for making these stories available.

Interviewed by NPR: “Librarians Reach Out to Spanish Speakers.”

Interviewed by CNN about e-books, libraries, reading, services to multi-ethnic groups, Latinos and more.

Interviewed @ ABC Studios about services to multi-ethnic and multi-lingual groups.

Daily News article

Interviewed on the HITN TV program, Dialogo. (Spanish)


Interviewed by The Association Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries . (Spanish)


Interviewed by Librarian Wardrobe

“This is the most I have ever spoken about fashion. Still, this exercise made me think about women in librarianship that would like to develop projects and reach their goals. My best advice: get involved, be passionate about your work and enjoy!”

Loida’s participation in Queen Library’s promotional campaign on buses and bus’ shelters:

Loida Garcia-Febo on Queens Library promotional campaign on buses

9 thoughts on “Press”

  1. Wow! Loida, congratulations in all your accomplishments. You are almost a celebrity and you make me proud to be a latina, boricua librarian! 😉

  2. Hi Loida,

    My name is Laurent Gobat and I am a librarian in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. I saw you in Milano at the newcomer session and now I just had a look at your website. I think it’s great what you do. Congratulations! I should have taken the opportunity to talk to you then.

    See you maybe next year in Sweden,


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