The Joy of Giving

Giving is a wonderful thing. One of my passions in life is to bring good things to communities.

During the last years my family and I have supported a number of charities without sharing this with many people. Today, I am sharing about collaborating with charities hoping to encourage others to do their best for our world.

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After the earthquake in Ecuador, trained dogs worked long hours to rescue people. They needed boots to support their feet and their owners needed supplies to sustain themselves during that time. We were able to help them via Ecuadorian organizations. There are many organizations helping pets and animals in general, one of them here in New York is Sean Casey Animal Rescue. You could contact them or any other organization to find out how you can help.

My family and I are big hockey fans with some members of my family playing in hockey leagues here in New York. As soon as we heard about the Montreal Media Celebrity Hockey Marathon to help children in need, we thought it was a good way to give. This is an annual marathon and anyone can give, online or in person.

Besides giving our resources, we can give our time. Last Monday I volunteered registering voters for the 2016 general elections. As a bilingual, English/Spanish person, my collaboration helped to reach out to Spanish-speaking potential voters and I was very happy to volunteer. I had such a great experience that I am planning to volunteer for the next month.

I hope to encourage you to give to others, big or small, giving is important to bring good to our communities. I love when people give me, for example, their time and I really enjoy giving to other people, brothers and sisters.