New roles of librarians in the 21st Century

Here is the link to the recording of IFLA’s webinar in Spanish “Nuevos roles de los bibliotecarios en el Siglo 21” (New roles of librarians in the 21st Century).

Full description of the webinar as announced:

Join our conversation in Spanish about the new roles of librarians. This webinar is especially designed to motivate everyone to think about the new jobs available for librarians. The latest technological advances and the rapid information flow are providing new avenues for librarians to go beyond traditional roles. Through these roles librarians are increasingly contributing to the areas of research, science, health, government, ecology, museums, archives, information centers, corporations and many more areas of our daily lives. Currently, we have librarians directing news departments for television channels, government departments, information centers in mining companies, sport centers, and ecological and political departments dedicated to development. This is a wonderful time for our profession. Through our new roles we are benefiting our world.

Speakers: Yamira Santiago  y  Santiago Villegas

Yamira Santiago:

Computer Science Researcher. Aviation Safety Program, Nasa Langley Research Center atthe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Hampton, Virginia, USA.

 Santiago Villegas:

Digital strategist for Knowledge Management: Using Social Media, Digital Marketing, Web 3.0 (Semantic) and ICT to promote innovation and development of organizations, companies and cities. Colombia.

The webinar was part of two new webinar series in Portuguese in Spanish for Latin America and the Caribbean presented by IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group in partnership with IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean Section and the School of Information, Documentation and Library Sciences of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of the University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto Campus (USP) in Brazil.