Access to information & the Post2015 development agenda

scheeder-garcia-febo-un-feb-2015This week I am at the United Nations in New York advocating for access to information at the #post2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations. Here I am sharing an article posted by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) about our advocacy efforts this past February. Excerpt from the intervention by IFLA President-Elect, Donna Scheeder:

I wanted to remind delegates that in moving forward we must pay attention to a different kind of poverty that has not been mentioned much here – information poverty.

Information and knowledge really are the foundation for making progress towards sustainable development. Without access to information, people will lack the means to take the crucial decisions needed to improve their lives.

Increased access to information is a cross-cutting issue that will contribute to the achievement of all goals – whether in health, education, transparency and accountability: all goals will benefit from people being able to know more about how to achieve them.

And we – libraries – can help you get there. There are over 320,000 public libraries worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of school and research libraries – in all of your countries. Librarians are skilled information professionals who can be strong partners in increasing access to information. And we can help people gain the information literacy skills needed to improve their lives.

So when considering how we do this, let’s make sure we use the institutions who can help open up the datasets, knowledge resources and provide access to the ICTs people need to achieve sustainable development.

We look forward to being partners in the data revolution and helping us get to 2030 in great shape.”