Help INW to help others in Latin America – Donate now!

I would like to encourage everyone to donate to Information New Wave (INW) an international non-profit organization seeking to enhance the education of communities, library users, students, information professionals from diverse ethnic groups in the USA and in developing countries. As a multicultural organization, INW works with partners to identify needs and design solutions to enhance the quality of programs and services provided by libraries, schools and information centers in different regions of the globe. Services are free.

I am glad to lead this organization and collaborate with a terrific Board of Directors. So far, INW has reached more than 600 people in Panama and Dominican Republic and we need your help to reach many more. We will be providing updates about how your donations are used. Donate today via this link.

From INW’s website:

Your support will help us to provide books, computers, education and bring hope to many whom otherwise won’t be able to attend classes and learn how to access information to start their own business, improve their health, prevent early deaths, and improve care of women, children, the underserved and vulnerable ones.

Access to information saves lives. Every time you donate, you are saving lives.

Information New Wave’s research of the educational needs of communities in the Latin America & Caribbean regions shows that these groups need classes and workshops to help them understand how to access information that would help them to start their own business to generate income, improve their health by recognizing symptoms, understand healthy life styles, prevent and treat health conditions, and improve the quality of their lives.

Our research of the educational needs of librarians, and LIS students and professors in these countries indicates that these need training and professional development to effectively provide access to information to all in the community. ICT4Development, Emerging Technologies, Social Media, Principles of Access to Information, Digital Libraries and overall Library Instruction and Services are much needed.

So far our work in partnership with other organizations has reached more than 600 people in Dominican Republic and Panama, and we need your help to reach out thousands more. Our work is based on the systematic assessment of needs of the communities we serve. Your donation will help us to provide:

  • Books and Computers for libraries and schools
  • Classes and training for communities
  • Information and Supplies according to community’s needs, e.g. health, farming, water purification, and more.
  • Continuing Education for librarians and those providing access to information
  • Opportunities to attend Professional Development Events
  • Grants for librarians and library students to further their education

You can donate via Pay Pal and also by mail:

Information New Wave, PO Box 90789, Brooklyn, New York 11209

Donate today via this link


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