Loida @ IFLA Congress in Singapore

IFLA Governing Board 2013-2015This past August I attended the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Singapore. It was a fantastic conference where librarians from all over the globe met, exchanged ideas and started planning future projects. I attended a myriad of programs about libraries, development and access to information. It was very inspiring to hear from other colleagues currently working in different countries.

I was glad to speak at various events. Working with various teams to bring programs to fruition was a great experience. My activities included: attending FAIFE meetings to continue expanding the IFLA Code of Ethics for Librarians and Other Information Workers and revising the IFLA Internet Manifesto, leading a discussion group at the IFLA Leadership Briefing, sharing a report about various IFLA activities at the US Caucus meeting, presenting a topic at the CPDWL program entitled Taking Charge of your Career, and providing an overview of the successful IFLA/ALA joint free quarterly webinars in partnership with IFLA CPDWL and NPSIG, ‘New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations’  at the CPDWL & NPSIG joint program. As President of the international non-profit charity, Information New Wave, I presented a poster entitled ‘The Informational Professional’s Role in the Future of Online Education’ during the IFLA Poster Session. As a member of the Access to Learning Award Advisory Board from the Bill & Melinda Gates/ Global Libraries, I was very happy to attend the award ceremony where Acessa Sao Paulo from Brazil received the 2014 Access to Learning Award. The Global Libraries are empowering communities worldwide through access to information via emerging technologies, and overall they are also helping to save lives which is what I really like about being a librarian.

The IFLA Governing Board for 2013-2015 was officially introduced during the Closing Ceremony of the Congress. It was humbling to feel warmly welcomed by colleagues from different regions of the world. Here I included a photo of the IFLA GB. I am in red, standing next to the IFLA President Sinikka Sipilä.

Overall it was a very productive congress in a unique multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual city. I was very fortunate to attend and am thankful to those who made it possible. It was great to see longtime friends and colleagues, meet new ones and have so many wonderful conversations with so many interesting librarians and friends of libraries.


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