Loida Garcia-Febo – Elected to IFLA Governing Board

Dear colleagues:

I am deeply honored and truly humbled to have been elected by IFLA members to serve in the IFLA Governing Board. I look forward to continue working with IFLA Members, Partners and Staff to develop strong libraries for equal and innovative societies worldwide. Advocacy, Multicultural Populations, Membership, Technological Innovation, New Librarians and Strengthening IFLA are among my top priorities. I thank you for your confidence Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North, Central and South America!

Complete announcement, here http://www.ifla.org/news/results-of-election-of-governing-board-2013

Big thanks to REFORMA for the Felicidades / Congratulations http://reforma.org/article_content.asp?edition=2%C2%A7ion=8&article=317

I am humble to have read the announcement on the online weekly magazine of the American Library Association, American Libraries Direct.



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