Volunteering in Galapagos: librarian success story

GalapagosThis week I spoke at the Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference about library services for Spanish speakers and multilingual populations. At the end of my presentation, Kristin Jacobi, Head of the Cataloguing Department at the J. Eugene Smith Library at Eastern  Connecticut State Library came up to me to say hello. She also said that a message I sent via the IFLA New Professionals listserv sparked her motivation to volunteer at the Charles Darwin Research Station Library in the Galapagos Islands.

I often receive and share messages about volunteering or joining projects in different regions of the world, but I don’t always know who ends up volunteering at each project. Hence, I was very happy to hear about Ms. Jacobi’s experience when she took a fabulous sabbatical as the International Volunteer Librarian in the Galapagos in 2008.  Yes! Success! Meeting Ms. Jacobi really encourages me to continue sharing news.

Below, one of Ms. Jacobi’s favorite pictures outside the Charles Darwin Research Station Library with Rosemary and Peter Grant, world renown evolutionary biologists, who were in the Galapagos to continue their studies.

Kris Jacobi with Rosemary and Peter Grant


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