Diversity, Advocacy, Stress and Technology Addressed at JCLC

Sharing a summary from The 2nd Joint Conference Librarians of Color  published by American Libraries Direct, September 26, 2012.  Included, a link to NPR’s Tell Me More featuring JCLC and services to Spanish-speakers.

Diversity, advocacy, stress, and technology addressed at JCLC
Sanhita SinhaRoy writes: “Diversity, leadership, and community engagement were the three main themes at the plenary all-conference session at the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, September 19–23, in Kansas City, Missouri. While each leader of thefive ethnic caucuses discussed how these three topics play a role within their associations, a few other common themes surfaced: branding, membership, and advocacy.” Other sessions covered the topics ofwelcoming new immigrants into your library, combating workplace stress, and all things digital. NPR’s Tell Me More program interviewed Loida Garcia-Febo about service to Spanish-speakers and mentioned the JCLC conference….
AL: Inside Scoop, Sept. 20–22; NPR, Sept. 26


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