Make It Happen – Take Action! @ Library 2.012

Join us for a conversation about “Make It Happen- Take Action during the Library 2.012 World Virtual Conference on Thursday, October 4 at 10:00 a.m. PDT  (GMT 7)\ 1:00 p.m. EDT.  (GMT 4). Note that you don’t have to sign up. The conference sessions are being held in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate), and can be accessed live from any personal computer. To join our session, check your time zone on the following ‘Sessions and Schedule’ link (example GMT 4), click on it, then look for the title of our session to find out your exact time. For more information, how to participate and prepare your computer, visit

Make It Happen – Take Action

Speakers: Loida Garcia-Febo, JP Porcaro, Patrick Sweeney

Librarians are revolutionizing libraries and librarianship via crowd-sourcing and crowd-coordination, join us and find out What their secret is? and How you can make it happen too! Many ideas have blossomed into established programs and services due to the dedication of passionate librarians. Where is the magic? Join our session to find out how librarians worldwide are making things happen in their communities, libraries and professional groups.

Loida Garcia-Febo will speak about global communities, professional development, online exchanges and global librarian crowd-coordination, and crowd-sourcing of projects.

JP Porcaro will speak about librarianship, association’s work, and online\traditional networking.Yes, the ALA Think Tank will be mentioned too! Additionally, tips on how to organize an association’s group and how to establish librarians presence at non-traditional library venues such as Comic Con.

Patrick Sweeney will speak about establishing programs and services such as The Great Librarian Write-Out, Story Sail Boat and Library Advocacy Project, Seed Library, and partnering and crowd-sourcing some of these projects.
The main goal is to encourage, inspire and motivate librarians = new and established ones. We can Make It Happen!

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