Zines, Librarians and Feminists

Yesterday I attended the NYC Feminist Zine Fest in Brooklyn. It was inspiring to see many women displaying their work about a myriad of topics. I was glad to see ‘library zines’ right near the entrance. These included Lower East Side Librarian and  The Borough is My Library. I must mention a Special Zine Tour Edition from the Lower East Side Librarian zine. This one chronicles a9-city tour during the summer of 2011. Impressive!

Kudos to the event organizers including  Kate Angell with whom I serve on an ALA Committee. Kate also publishes My Feminist Friends, a zine with interviews to feminist activists.

In 2009 I attended the NYC Zine Fest and I am looking forward to this year’s festival.  See my video with librarians and zinesters Jenna Freedman, Alycia Sellie and Celia Perez speaking about what is a zine, zine collections in the USA and the festival itself.


2 thoughts on “Zines, Librarians and Feminists”

  1. Hi Loida,
    I just saw your post- this is wonderful! Thanks so much for reporting on the NYC Feminist Zinefest- it was great to see you there. Looking forward to working with you more in the future!

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