Day in the Life – Day 5: ALA Membership Meetings Going Virtual

It is true!! ALA Membership Meetings are going virtual in June 2011. I’ve been working with ALA Committee on Membership Meetings since last July 2010 (as the Chair), and now you know one of the points we have analyzed: the first-ever ALA virtual membership meeting. Exciting! Read more here on the blog post written by John Chrastka, Director of ALA Membership Development. I also copied information about the Meetings below. I invite you to read and fill out the Membership Meeting Survey!

About the ALA Membership Meetings

All ALA personal members may attend ALA Membership Meetings. Membership Meetings are an opportunity for ALA members to make things happen in the American Library Association. ALA members can bring issues that are important to libraries and librarianship to the floor and decide how they might be addressed within ALA.   Agendas for the meetings are set by the Committee on Membership Meetings (ALA Policy 7.4.10), and the survey (at is intended to inform that discussion.  Over the past few years, the Committee on Membership Meetings has developed suggested agendas, which include some “hot” discussion topics to draw ALA members to the meetings.    The ALA members present at the meeting can change the proposed agendas at the beginning of the meeting. During the last half of the meeting, membership resolutions take precedence over discussion topics or other business.

The Membership Meetings Committee will convene after the survey closes to discuss the results and plan for our meetings this summer. For more on the Committee, please see


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