Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA Councilor-at-Large

Vote for Loida Garcia-Febo for Councilor-at-Large of the American Library Association.



 As Councilor-at-Large I am excited about the opportunity to work with the library community to address topics concerning library workers, professional development, advocacy, access to information, technology, and new professionals. Based on my service in ALA, IFLA, and REFORMA, I have acquired the skills vital to continue working with ALA and affiliates to establish and promote programs of benefit and unity to all members. Particularly those to strengthen our association’s ability to mentor, train and support library workers during their careers, between careers, and during retirement. It is my purpose to help facilitate the development of new librarians within libraries and professional associations by continuing the work started when I co-established IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group to broaden the involvement of recently qualified professionals in ALA, its core values and professional priorities. I am genuinely interested in promoting advocacy and intellectual freedom as I’ve done during my service with the Intellectual Freedom units of ALA and IFLA. It is not a luxury, it is a need. I am deeply committed to advocate for free and equal services to all. I intend to collaborate with the library community to continue identifying ways of using technology in advantageous ways to promote and implement the association’s strategies.


Professional Service: National & International


American Library Association, (ALA)

▪ Chair Elect: Intellectual Freedom Round Table

Member. Intellectual Freedom Committee. 2008-Present

Member. Office for Library Advocacy/ Training Subcomittee 2009-2011

Member. International Relations Committee. 2006-2008

Director-at-Large Intellectual Freedom Round Table/ Director-at-Large 2006-2008

Member. 2008 ALA Nominations Committee.

Member. International Relations Round Table/ Americas Subcommittee Member, 2002-2004; 2004-2006.

Member. Diversity Committee/Diversity Council [REFORMA Rep.] 2004-2005; 2005-2006

REFORMA, The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking

President. REFORMA2009-2010

Member. Executive Board 2006-Present

Member. REFORMA National Conference III Organizing Committee. 2008

Organizer and Speaker: REFORMA Training our Leaders, a nationwide webinar to encourage members to become involve in the association by taking a leadership role. 2008

Chapter Representative (8 states) 2006-2008

President. Northeast Chapter 2005-2006

Chair. Board Member/ Librarian of the Year Award [LOTY],2003-2005

Member. Chair. Northeast Chapter Programs Committee, 2003-2008

Conference Co-Organizer
Joint REFORMA Northeast, American Indian Library Association (AILA), Asian Pacific Library Association (APALA), Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA), and Chinese American Library Association (CALA) Conference. 2005-2008



International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Secretary. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Committee (FAIFE), an IFLA Core Activity- Co-opted Member 2006-2007; Member 2007-2011. Secretary 2009 – Present

Co-founder. Co-Convenor. New Professionals Special Interest Group [NPSIG] Co-Convenor 2004-2008

Advisor. New Professionals Special Interest Group [NPSIG] 2009-Present

Coordinates NPSIG program for IFLA Annual Congress 2005-Present

Coordinated NPSIG first IFLA pre-conference in conjunction with IFLA CPDWL in Bologna. August 2009.

Ex-Officio member. Management of Library Associations Section 2005 – Present

As a member of FAIFE, presented workshops and speeches in Costa Rica, Mexico City, Colombia, Jamaica, Philippines, Peru, Brazil and Tokyo.Co-developed a one-day conference about access to public health for librarians from nine countries as part of a FAIFE Connecticut/New York workshop. Co-cordinator of a one-year project about IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines in Peru.

IFLA Website Working Group-representative from NPDG

ACURIL, Association of Caribbean Universities, Research, Investigation Libraries
Active Member

Member. Public Relations Committee, 2003

As a member of IFLA/FAIFE, coordinated an IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines workshop for librarians attending the XXXVIII ACURIL Conference in Jamaica.


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