Loida @ 2009 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago

These are exciting times for librarians in the USA. ALA Annual Conference is coming up in a few days. Librarians from all over the world will meet in Chicago to enjoy a surprising week. I am looking forward to see many of you.

I am speaking at two programs, and I am on two committees plus REFORMA. I will be busy, but just in case you need to find me, here are the highlights of my schedule (I know there will be many more meetings!) Email and text are also welcomed!
Thursday, June 27

Privacy: Who Do You Trust?

Caucus Presidents` Dinner

Professional Opportunities Fair – Spectrum

Friday, June 27
Intellectual Freedom Committee I

LJ Movers & Shakers Lunch

Intellectual Freedom Round Table I

REFORMA Executive I


Saturday, June 28
Intellectual Freedom Committee II

Critical Issues Facing Latino Librarianship in the 21st Century

America`s War on Sex (IFRT program)

Speaking at Research into Practice: Latino Perception of Public Libraries

Sunday, June 29
Reforma breakfast

REFORMA Board meeting

Speaking at Online tools build community

Affiliates luncheon

Top Technology Trends

Pura Belpre Celebration

Make Stories, Tell Stories, Keep Stories

REFORMA fundraiser!!

Monday, June 30
REFORMA Membership meeting – I’ll be REFORMA President at the end of this mtg!
REFORMA Executive Committee II
REFORMA New President’s work session
The Merritt Fund “Reception for a Cause”
International Librarians Reception
Tuesday, July 1st
Intellectual Freedom Committee III

ALA Awards Ceremony and Inaugural Banquet


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