It’s Loida Time!


Dear all:

I’d like to share with you my new project: a video blog!

 The idea is to post a video every week.

As you know I used to co-write Multicultural Link for Criticas Magazines a sister publication of Library Journal. I also I have a blog where I post messages now and then. But, I have noticed that people like to watch videos, short videos and that is what I am going to do= Film short weekly videos to discuss access to information, multicultural populations, traveling and life. I also welcome suggestions!

Note that if I see you at a conference or event, I might ask you to be on one of the videos!

A new and exciting era of changes in technology has arrived. I have embraced it and hope you too.




2 thoughts on “It’s Loida Time!”

  1. Hello Loida,
    I am taking a grad school class on Multiculturalism in libraries. We were given an assignment to focus on a particular ethnic or cultural group and create a national resource list with this group in mind (aside from addressing all sorts of other criteria and library needs). My group has decided to focus on the Wampanoags (a Native American tribe located mostly in SE Massachusetts). Have you ever focused on the Wampanoags, and if so, could you please point us in the direction of any literature you have come across that is particularly relevant to Native Americans?
    Thank you.

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