New Americans in the USA


The New York Times Immigration and Emigration section is good to find articles about public education and immigrants in the USA, laborers situation not only in the USA but global, government attempts to tackle the issue of immigration to the USA, and stories from immigrants and newcomers living in the USA, and from those who have moved to other countries. I’d like to mention that their analysis of demographics is pretty accurate too. They have cool interactive graphics about global migration where you can find out how many people are moving in and out of countries around the planet. There is another interactive map where you can “select a foreign-born group to see how they settled across the United States.

These resources are helpful to understand the diverse make up of the USA rapidly changing neighborhoods’ demographic compositions. Of course, it is advisable that libraries seeking to meet the needs of the various ethnic groups in their library service area, look into the demographics of their particular county or neighborhood.


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