Hot News from IFLA/ FAIFE

Last week the IFLA FAIFE Committee met in The Hague and once again I had the opportunity to see colleagues from around the globe.  Croatia, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Russian, the UK and the USA were represented. FAIFE core trainers (of which I am one) dedicated two days to train colleagues on how to train librarians on access to information on the Internet and HIV/AIDS using learning materials developed by FAIFE.  New training materials about Transparency were presented as well.  

FAIFE has new and big plans for 2009 and they are all truly exciting. I can say that I will be working with colleagues from Mexico on a year-long project in Peru. Other colleagues will work on similar projects in Russia, Nigeria and the Philippines. FAIFE trainings have become models for various types of initiatives and a number of projects are being developed following the same structure of our trainings. (I will share more about the projects as we visit countries and projects materialize.)

NEW!!!   Don’t miss FAIFE events at the 2009 World Library and Information Congress in Italy:

Pre-conference in Rome titled Religion, Intellectual Freedom and Libraries. I can’t wait!

Programming for the Congress in Milan includes collaboration with CLM to present a program about Internet Governance, and the FAIFE forum which has proven to be an effective way to discuss hot IF topics.

FAIFE events at the World Library and Information Congress in Milan promise to be exciting and to generate interesting discussions. Make a note of it because you can’t miss them!


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