New Year’s Resolutions– Still Full Speed Ahead

“And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story…”

New Year, New Life

As it happens everyone is working on their New Year’s resolutions for 2009. I’ve read a number of blogs written by friends and it seems that quiet a few people would like to quit smoking (or drinking), exercise more often to lose weight, change jobs, make more money, pay their debts, and find somebody to love.

I am not too fond of resolutions, but I went back to my 2008 resolutions to check how I did— not too bad, I think! 

2008 resolutions:

  1. Call my friends –email killed the phone call star I did call more often. Yes!

2.      Visit my family in PR more often – two words: beaches and love!  Can’t get enough.

3.      Take dance classes – flamenco, salsa, both – Tried flamenco.

4.      Exercise -add more cardio to my workout routine – Yes!

5.      Stop and smell the flowers – I did stop and was so happy 🙂

6.      Let my hair grow back and watch how my  highlights return – Double yes!

7.      Become more involved in day to day activities of a professional association – Became REFORMA Vice President/ President Elect (will be President during 2009-2010)

8.      Finalize details for new projects (ASAP), e.g. blog, book chapters, journal articles, publicity jobs – Ongoing!

9.      Finalize coordination of webinar and conference in May – Looking  forward to more projects like this  one…

10.  Rejoice for 2008 will bring a new face into our lives – enough about that – Yes!

 The 2008 brought much happiness into my life, new challenges, and beautiful people from all over the world. I spent much more time with family and friends and that was priceless. I also started writing Multicultural Link for Criticas Magazine. I was able to travel to Denmark, France, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Philippines, Japan, Canada, Greece, and The Netherlands (much of it thanks to IFLA and the workshops I present as a member of FAIFE).   I strengthened professional relationships with colleagues from all over the world. The year passed fast and I saw all types of people and events. A few things ended, others were put on hold, and others started. In 2009, I look forward to new beginnings, maximize time with family and friends, continue to work with library associations, research and study,  and to untangle a few things.

To Doña Aurora A. H., all my love. Forever. 


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