Dec 1st World AIDS Day

I thought about sharing a link to an incredible documentary about Africans from various countries who are raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

 We Will Not Die Like Dogs is a Radioaktive Film conceived of by two former African medical students at Yale Medical School (Kebba Jobarteh/Nduka Amankulor) who grew tired of Africans portrayed as only victims to the epidemic and wanted to showcase the incredible work and commitment made by so many across the continent. The film was directed by international health specialist, Lisa Russell, MPH who finds inspiration from her previous work as a humanitarian aid worker to produce and direct films about our global society.

The one-hour documentary film, which has had a PBS broadcast under the new National Black Programming Consortium’s television series, Afro-Pop, profiles African AIDS activists from Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia. Unique in its approach to include only African voices, the film showcases honest and provocative testimonies of individuals living with the epidemic which include two HIV-positive women fighting stigma and discrimination, a doctor working to care for HIV-infected children in rural villages, and a reggae artist using his status among youth and the media to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS.  For more information, visit


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