Helping the community: a library thing

Mid-October. 2.5 months to the end of the year. Good time to look back at what we’ve accomplish and what we’d like to complete before ringing in the New Year.

It is also a good time to look at ways to better serve our customers- mostly in this tough economic time. To this end, I thought of sharing two entries I posted on Multicultural Link this week: Library Services for Tough Economic Times – Part I (free services for all in the community)  and Part II (services for job seekers). I continue to answer emails about how to serve communities as fast as I can, and thought that this might help  libraries to get started on the coordination of services.


Now on a separate but possibly related note:

CNN Librarian of the year, er, there is a librarian among CNN Top Ten People Heroes of 2008

Librarian Yohannes Gebregeorgis founded Ethiopia Reads,a non-profit NGO that publishes books in local languages, promote literacy and reading, and creates libraries and reading centers open to everyone in the community!  Read more about Ethiopia Reads here.


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