2008 IFLA Conference in Quebec – Part II

So I received an avalanche of emails asking more details about my travels. Apparently a few people were keeping track of my comings and goings 🙂 I’ve been on the move since last April: Bogota (April), Jamaica (June), Anaheim (June), Manila and Tokyo (July), and just returned from Quebec. It is true that all that ‘preparing to give workshops, packing, unpacking and meeting people’ leave me with little time to post a few entries here and others in Multicultural Link.

…and at the time I decided to reduce postings here to two per month (to have time to continue posting entries on Multicultural Link.) I intend to continue with that practice but I will try to post more about the countries I visited while on IFLA assignments. I am afraid to commit to anything else, but I do appreciate those who emailed and I feel like I should try 🙂

I traveled for most of the summer. I lost track of life in NYC, happenings at the library and elsewhere. But yes! I have many stories to tell. I am seriously considering writing a book one day and you might be there! If there is one thing I love about traveling is meeting people and I have a good memory so, don’t be surprised if a character looks exactly just like you (be afraid very afraid) 🙂 🙂 kidding!

But for now, check out a few pictures from Quebec on the flickr link to the right.


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