2008 IFLA Conference in Quebec

I am back from Quebec, the IFLA Congress and many surprises. I left to Quebec exactly 8 days after I returned from Tokyo where I spoke at the US Embassy and did FAIFE work.


Flying to Quebec proved to be a bit hectic than I thought. My Friday, 8/8 flight was cancelled,  but I got to wait for another flight with my library director who is a really cool man. After it was clear that I was not getting on a plane that Friday, I went home to wait until the airline secured another flight for me. I finally left to Quebec on Saturday, 8/9 at 9:00 p.m. I got to my hotel to find that my friends were already in for the night, but managed to explore the pretty streets a bit.


Quebec is beautiful. The city is celebrating its 400 anniversary and it is dressed to impress. There are flags, lights, tents, and all sorts of fabulous performances every where. The lights show at the port was nice. The show was mostly about the story of Quebec- and the mood was festive and the energy was contagious.


Overall the conference was fantastic. I connected with interesting librarians from around the globe, met gorgeous people and got to spend lots of times with much loved friends. It is always a treat. The entire gang gets together only one time per year!


On Sunday, 8/10 I spoke at the Newcomers session. As a convenor of the New Professionals Discussion Group (NPDG), I shared information about the DG, announced our program, and encouraged newcomers to become involved in the NPDG. We need more hands. We need more recently qualified professionals to help us continue shaping up the DG. I won’t be a new professional for ever. If you are reading this and you are a new librarian, feel free to contact me right away to see how you can get involve in the group. I promise we are a cool group. We want you!! loidagarciafebo@gmail.com


I also presented a poster, Queens Library Saving Lives at the Poster Session. It was the coolest thing ever as I got to talk to medical librarians from countries such as India, Canada, Cuba, and other regions (Africa, South America). As part of my work with FAIFE, I’ve been looking into how libraries provide access to public health information to see how we can come up with models or training modules. We are still looking at various aspects and we are meeting soon to work things out. Exciting!


As always FAIFE (of which I am a member) presented awesome programs. One was in partnership with the Genealogy and Local History committee and the other with Access to Information Network – Africa (ATINA). Access to demographics; access to information in Africa.


The NPDG program was attended by veterans and newbies alike. We had a healthy discussion about how library associations can work with both groups. At the end, Bob McKee, Executive Director of CILIP (UK’s library association) summarized the discussion with five clever points. Read more about it here at the Multicultural Link blog.


Various other activities added spice to the Congress: The cultural evening on Tuesday, 8/12 provided a good time to dance, network and make new friends. FAIFE dinner was a happening with the committee traveling in various taxis to a restaurant 15 minutes from the hotel – a total adventure! J


IFLA closing session was awesome. IFLA officers announced the location of the 2011 Congress: San Juan, Puerto Rico!! Yes, I get to go to my home country J


People who rocked the Congress: Mr Andrew, Liz, Veronda, Stu, Bob, Paul, Sjoerd, Jennefer, Peter, the HQ girls, Fiona, Jesus, Keith, Michael, Nico, Barbara F, Barbara J, Barbara S, Ellen, Claudia, Robyn, Sue, Loriene, Jim


soon: Quebec pictures



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