Summer: ALA-Anaheim + Asia

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I started to write this post while at DTW, Detroit Metro airport.

I am on my way to Manila to present workshops for IFLA/FAIFE and then to Tokyo for more.

Last time I posted I was getting ready for the annual conference of the American Library Association in Anaheim. It was great (and busy!). I loved the location and the weather. I loved the opportunity to see library friends from different cities of the world. I’d go back to Anaheim any time. Even Disneyland was cool. I surely enjoyed watching Disneyland fireworks from Loriene Roy’s suite. My posts about ALA are on the Multicutural Link site. I hightlighted, the Pura Belpre Awards, a talk by J. Janes, the Native Hawaiian Library, and internationally-minded Emerging Leaders who developed IRRT Free Links. Pictures of my ALA-Anaheim, here.

One highlight of the ALA conference was that I took office as the REFORMA Vice-President/ President/Elect. Criticas magazine posted a nice note on July 17.

After ALA, I returned to NYC to mountains of messages, evaluations, and what seemed like a million emails. Time flew. Still, I got to enjoy fireworks in a rooftoop setting in Brooklyn where we watched fireworks from New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty, and Mid-town. My party! My birthday! I am a July 4 Baby đŸ™‚

They’ve started to call passengers to board the plane to Manila via Nagoya.


I’m writing from Nagoya a city not-too-far from Tokyo where my plane stopped to refuel. Passengers had to leave the plane, go through security and wait for the same plane at a different gate. The process reminded me of security in airport in Bogota. Of course, I cannot compare Bogota security: 4 checking points and being patted down at the entrance of the plane with security at any other airport, but security here in Nagoya was serious too.

It is 5:20 in the afternoon in Nagoya, but it is 4:20 in the morning in NYC. I slept all the way here and feel good. But now my job is stay awake and do not sleep anymore on the plane to Manila so I can go to sleep when I finally arrive to that city at 10:30 in the evening. (10:30 am in NYC)

My next post will be from Tokyo. I hope to have more news about the workshops and Manila.

I will post my second and last blog from July from Tokyo. (I’ve limited my postings on this blog to two per month. I also post on Multicultural Link a blog from Criticas magazine.)


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