Loida is back: March-May Update

Since January of this year, I’ve been writing Multicultural Link, a blog for Criticas Magazine (sister publication of Library Journal) with Bruce Jensen – a colleague from Texas. Bruce and I alternate days. We write about library services and issues experienced by people from different ethnicities. I also write about my travels and conferences. Criticas Magazine rocks and it is cool with me writing just about anything! (Hellos to Aida Bardales, Rebecca Miller, Francine Fialkoff and all the beautiful people from Library Journal and Criticas.)

That is why my last post on this personal blog is dated March 21. Whoa! I last posted 2 months ago. But, no shame on me. I’ve had two delicious months. I was a little bit busy and a little bit rock ‘n roll. It was just the way I like it 🙂

The fab news is that I am back and vowing to write twice per month on this my own-dear-blog. I will, of course, continue posting on Multicultural Link every other day (no weekends included.)

So, what did I do during the last months? Well, Multicultural Link has some news about March, April and May. Below, I’ve written a few more details.

The beauty of traveling librarians:

While attending the 12th Public Library Conference in Minneapolis (March), I ran into Marcus Lowry a library student I met in 2005 at the IFLA Congress in Oslo. Back then, he and other 20+ classmates attended the New Professionals DG programme in Oslo and participated in lively discussions about the future/present of the profession. Three years later, Marcus is the manager of a library in rural Minneapolis. He serves large Spanish-speaking and Hmong populations. Needless to say that I barely eat a thing during our lunch. Instead, I asked questions about how a student gets to be a library manager in 3 years. The nitty-gritty of it?  A maximum degree of believing-in-me combined with listening to veteran professionals, hard work, and non-stop search for latest developments about the profession and access to information.

Library superheroes:

April took me to Bogota, Colombia where I gave a workshop about the IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines and met Wilton Hurtado Cuero. I learned that there are still library superheroes walking among us. It was a blessing to meet such a humble, nice soul.  Earlier in the month, the REFORMA Northeast Chapter had honored Yolanda Bonitch for her long-standing service to Spanish speakers – 30+ years as a librarian without counting 20+ as a teacher. April brought library heroes into my life. I had nice conversations with them and took one thing with me: one must have passion to serve. That’s all what’s in their hearts. That’s the main thing we need, passion.

Historical times:

Camila Alire was elected  2009-2010 ALA President. She will be the first Latin@ President! Camila is a champion of diversity, award-winning leader, published author, and a strong supporter of intellectual freedom. I am really glad because Camila will be President of ALA, during the same time that I will be the President of REFORMA! We have great plans. There are lots to be done. Want to help? Email me asap!



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