Kiss me you fool, we are in Paris!

I am back in New York after attending meetings in Copenhagen and Paris.

For the second year in a row, I’ve visited Copenhagen and each time I find that I really like the city. In CPH I had a meeting to discuss all-things NPDG. Copenhagen is very easy to navigate and there are cool cozy places to eat everywhere. By now, I am familiar with Funky Bus 5A which I take to go into town- if I don’t want to walk (10 mins ride?). Then, I take 2A to the Central Station to switch to another bus to Christiania. Magical Bus 18 is the one to visit my friend Susanne and well, Mikkelito lives in the same block as well. Information Bus 10 is the cool one to Vesterbro library. I like to walk around that library, go to the languages section and see who is browsing the collection- it is such a multicultural neighborhood. Each year I see more and more people from different ethnic backgrounds. 

I have not seen much of CPH yet, but I can tell you that Laundromat Cafe in Nørrebro is a cool place to read, access wireless Internet, have a drink and a sandwich. The cafe has tons of used books that give the place an almost bohemian feeling. Cool concept.  Other  more quiet places are Cafe Europa and Cafe Norden in the center of the city.  My friends DJ at Salonen and Kalaset. Those are cool LES-looking places where one can have dinner and drinks while funky DJs spin records. It reminded me of a smaller version of Pianos in LES.

The second leg of my trip took me to Paris where I attended the FAIFE meeting which was great. I stayed in the Latin Quarter just steps from St. Germain and few minutes from Notre-Dame, the Seine and the Sorbonne University.  I was really glad to have a hotel in such a good location. It was my first time in Paris and it was nice to enjoy the company of my fellow FAIFE colleagues. Great people, food and conversation!

Towards the end of my stay, I decided to go sightseeing. I walked down St-Germaine, crossed a bridge and voilà, Notre-Dame Cathedral, then I crossed another bridge and continued until Rue de Rivoli where I turned left; 10 mins later  I was at the Musée du Louvre. After that I was on fire and walked the Jardin des Tuileries, Avenue des Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, and Tour Eiffel. On my way back, I was very tired but feeling great.

The walk turned into an awesome adventure; I found very friendly people to walk with. Like magic, all of a sudden I was walking with a groovy group of Americans, Hungarians, Spaniards and Germans.  We were a jolly bunch of tourists taking pictures of each other, eating crepes and shushing these two madly in love guys who kept kissing each other non-stop…and here comes the title of this entry. The funniest part of this adventure happened when one of the guys was trying to kiss the other while we were in the Louvre. We had been looking for them for a little while, but couldn’t find them. Well, guess what? We all knew where they were, when we heard “Kiss me you fool, we are in Paris!”  We all cracked up laughing, because after all, yeah we were in Paris the smoochdome, lip-locking capital of the world 🙂

People who rocked this trip: Mr A, Mikkelito, SH, Susanne, Paul, Barbara, Philippe, and Hank, Matt, Gus,Tita, Mariela, Monika, Herb and Dominick


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