Caught in the middle: Super Bowl XLII

As it happens, this Sunday I am attending a Super Bowl party thrown by people like me, caught in the middle. We live in New York and by default, are expected to cheer for the Giants. But, ah we live in the Northeast, 20 minutes from the imaginary border with New England and a few of us like the Patriots.

Super Tuesday, a major event for the country is coming up 2 days after the Super Bowl, but it seems that everyone mostly care about football. I guess we can only deal with one major event at a time…

Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning.  Will the New York Giants overcome the unbeaten New England Patriots? Can Hollywood-looking, His Hotness Tom Brady beat Mr little brother of Peyton? It is the battle of the decade: veterans vs. newbies. Fascinating.

My girlfriends are betting all or nothing for Brady. He got smile power! Drafted by New England in the sixth-round (gasp!) of the 2000 NFL Draft, he has played like gold to win 3 Super Bowls (2 MVPs). I’m going to the party to check out supersonic commercials and cheer for Brady. He got hotness and power…and did I mention that he can play?… 😉 


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