Library – Out of the box and secret archives

exposition_paris_1.jpg exposition_paris_1.jpg exposition_paris_1.jpg

View of the The Bibliothèque Nationale de France.sticker-reference.pngsticker-reference.pngsticker-reference1.pngsticker-reference1.png
sticker-reference.pngsticker-reference.pngsticker-reference.pngsticker-reference.pngDuring the last few months I’ve seen libraries and librarians featured on the media highlighting the wonders of what they’ve done. One article described how a recent graduate librarian from New Jersey had become part of a reality show, The Ultimate Road Trip. Good for him, the high power bless his soul and all that. I am not a fan of reality TV but at least this show was about outdoor experiences and not about blabbing in front of a camera describing cat fights and whatnot.  I’d bring this librarian to talk to Queens’ teens.

Another article was about how a research librarian from Manhattan ‘sat for 29 hours watching sports on television to take in a prize package worth $5000.’  Whoa! ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Competition. I am not a fan of this type of contest that does nothing to promote creativity, healthy habits or reading (to mention a few things).  But again, if someone can endure 29 hours without a bathroom brake and eating spicy chicken wings- more power to him/her. What about a read-a-thon contest? Any mega company out there willing to sponsor and offer $5,000 for such a contest? Email me right away.

A last article, a juicy one, highlighted Hell at the library, Eros in Secret, an exhibition at the The Bibliothèque Nationale de France

‘offering a peek at its secret archive of erotic art, putting on display more than 350 sexually explicit literary works, manuscripts, engravings, lithographs, photographs, film clips, even calling cards and cardboard pop-ups.’

‘The items are drawn from a permanent collection created in the 1830s when the library isolated works considered “contrary to good morals.” They were put in a locked section with its own card catalog and given the name L’Enfer — hell. Many pieces have been consigned there over the years by the police for safeguarding, perhaps, and posterity.’

This sounds too interesting to miss. The exhibition runs through March 22 –  I have a meeting in Paris at the end of February and have included this exhibition on my little to-do list. 


Thanks for the sticker. It is on the cover of my computer.


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