ALA Midwinter – Philly – 1/14, 1/15

Monday, January 14 -highlights:



I started the day with an Intellectual Freedom bang at the Roud Table meeting. It was encouraging to hear how my round table is entering the Diversity area. New committee, liaison to AILA, liaison to the Diversity Council– all good.



Going back to Dr. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s speech at the ALA Presiden’s Program: here are four principles shared by him,



study your own people’s history to know what you are capable of

educate yourself to think critically

dedicate yourself to your community

sing, dance, laugh, and generally be joyful ad steadfast


May ALA create a poster highlighting these principles? I am sure many in our field will acquire it.



Tuesday, January 15 is my last day at midwinter. I still have the IRC meeting at 1:30pm and afterwards, I will take a train back to NYC.


Hope you had a good conference. If you were at home and reading midwinter-news, hope to see you next year!


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