ALA Midwinter – Philly – Sunday, 1/13

Sunday’s highlights:



The REFORMA Board meeting was a well attended one where we discussed exciting projects for the association. If you serve Latinos and Spanish speakers, you want to join REFORMA! New officers: an orientation will be offered to you soon. I will post news about that as I receive them.



Greenwood Advisory Board lunch took place at the Public House. These folks have exciting databases such as the Latin American Experience, the African American Experience and coming up, the American Indian Experience. Greenwood also hosts a blog about Latino issues by Ilan Stavans. Greenwood people are cool: shouts to Kevin, Vince and Brien




President’s Program: Dr. Kareen Abdul-Jabbar was in the house. The Harlem-born, shared four points about the importance of our own history, background, and loving our heritage. They deserve their own entry- I am posting an entry solely about that soon.




REFORMA National Conference III (Sept. 18-21): Look out for celebrities and fabulous authors at this event. More informatoin (soon):



AILA reception was really cool and I got to talk to interesting people. From there, few of us went to meet other friends at the Elsevier reception where we exchanged more ideas and continued networking. The day was long but it was good!


People who rocked the day: Robin, Julia, Nannette, David, Miguel F, Miguel GF and Cecilia








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