ALA Midwinter – Philly- Saturday, 1/12

Saturday was an extremely busy day. Highlights:



On Saturday, I had the opportunity to talk to first-timee attendees to an ALA conf. at the New Members Round Table (NMRT) Orientation. While waiting to speak to newbies, I listened to various speakers, one said that the way one carries the conference program might attract attention to one hotness. wao! I didn’t know that. She went on to say that you can even find the love your life – yay yay



The Orientation is a fantastic concept to help newbies to navigate the conference. The NMRT is doing a great job. I look forward to talk to more newbies at the next NMRT Orientation in Anaheim.



I am speaking at the NMRT President’s Program @ ALA-Anaheim in June. The program seeks to address a critical issue for library associations and librarianship. Don’t miss it! Title: Crossing the Intergenerational Divide.



Virtual everything: Many members of divisions are thinking of increasing virtual membership, committees and perhaps conferences. While I am all for technology and online work, I still favor conferences where we have the unique opportunity of networking with colleagues on a face-to-face basis. It is my experience that many agreements (detailas) are worked out in halls, coffe breaks, gatherings, after conference drinks and dinners. That is priceless and cannot be replaced by virtual conferences which, don’t take me wrong, I love too.



IFLA Update: I will highlight a few points but for more information visit // 2008 IFLA Conference will be in Quebec. 2009 @ Milan, Italy. 2010 @ Brisbane, AUS. Central America and the Caribbean has been selected as the next region for IFLA Conference – yes!



LJ Movers & Shakers: Two very good friends are part of the 2008 cohort. Love to Robin Kear and Mario Ascencio. I am a 2007 Mover & Shaker.



Camila Alire Campaign Kickoff was a very telling event. Camila’s event attracted so many ALA members that attendees had to move to the hall in front of the room reserved for the occasion. I counted at least 6 ALA past Presidents.



How I closed the day? Dining at Prime Rib – yummy! – at the Radisson Plaza Warwick hotel. I made a new friend, the manager of this high-end establishement was introduced to me by Mario my fellow REFORMA colleague and I seriously voted to return. Gentlemen, remember to wear a jacket when you go 🙂



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