Loida @ 2008 ALA Midwinter

ALA midwinter starts this Friday in Philly, the City of Brotherly Love. Last time I attended an ALA midwinter in Philly, we experienced temperatures of 13 degrees (F). It was so cold, my little nose was red day and night 🙂 Still, I enjoyed the city, its parks, restaurants and pubs. Rittenhouse Square  is so cool! 

My midwinter conference schedule (Fri. Jan 11 to Tues. Jan 15) includes many meetings from my committees: ALA International Relations Committee and ALA Intellectual Freedom Round Table and REFORMA Executive Committee [REFORMA Board and REFORMA National Conference Planning committee.]

I am also attending and probably speaking at the New Members Round Table Orientation for first-time attendees on Saturday morning (there are so many ALA units attending this event). I am representing ALA Intellectual Freedom Round Table and REFORMA. Looking forward to speak to ALA newbies and to new professionals!

You can also find me at the Reception for Jesus Lau on Friday night, at the IFLA Update on Saturday morning, lunching with Greenwood’s database Advisory Board on Sunday (I am a member), and at the REFORMA Fundraiser on Monday night. I might even make it to the Dance Dance Library Revolution…

 Safe travels everyone! Can’t wait to see you all 🙂


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