2007 Holidays

Live– from New York City: 

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday time. Many thanks to those who emailed, mailed or texted their best wishes. You rock! I had a lovely Christmas with many hearty gatherings, lovely people, fantastic dancing and yummy food. Plus there were a few million tourists coming over for the festivities making this a very interesting time to walk around NYC. Now, I am getting ready to welcome 2008– can’t wait!!

Many of us celebrate the holidays in a different way, I thought of sharing with you a bit about the Puerto Rican way 🙂

As a Puerto Rican, I observe four dates during the holiday season which for us ends in January— December 24: Nochebuena (Christmas Eve), December 25: Navidades (Christmas), December 31st: Despedida de Año o Año Viejo (New Year’s Eve), and January 6, Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day). More here, here, and here (in Spanish).

However you celebrate, I hope you have a beautiful time welcoming 2008 🙂 


One thought on “2007 Holidays”

  1. Hola Loida,
    I met you while on my first trip to the FIL in Mexico back in 2004. I’m also a “boricua” unfortunately not as close as you from our island, I live in Oregón. It’s been fun reading your page and your articles. I enjoyed very much this one in particular about how we celebrate Xmas. Congratulations on all the work that you do. Muchos éxitos en el 2008!!! 🙂 Lucy

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