Why I ♥ NYC

This week’s New York Magazine is all about the Reasons to  New York Right Now.  There is a list 30+  reasons why they  NYC. One of the highlights is that we Proudly Harbor Immigrants.

The article made me think why I  NYC so much and why you might love it too! Also, why my people here loves it. Below, my list– below that, the others’ list 😉

Loida: reasons to  NYC

  1. Convinience: being able to buy a drink, t-shirt, tofu salad, crêpes and the newspaper at 3 in the afternoon or at 3 in the morning
  1. Checking out books in Spanish from two distributors 5 minutes away from each other
  1. Music sounds better: Studio B, Cielo, United Palace Theater
  1. Indie Glamour of LES and Williamsburg

          Artistic, Bohemian Community

  1. Freaks at sunset and dawn; on bridges, boardwalks, lounges, lofts, museums…
  1. The brother of a friend went from rehearsing in a dilapidated building to an International rock star
  1. Shopping ‘til I drop in SOHO
  1. LES: Pianos HH; Ludlow Street
  1. Parks: Central Park; Battery City Park
  1. Dance class with Al Pacino’s teacher: olé!
  1. Chatting up a storm with Victoria Secret’s models at my Spa
  1. East Village
  1. Beautiful, brilliant, and friendly waiters/waitresses

  Thank you for sending your reasons to  NYC:

  • It is like a bad boyfriend. You hate how it slaps you around but can’t leave – AT, ST

  • Its ability to reinvent itself – CM

  • Unique Nightlife – YG, IS

  • Stylish, Amazing, Dynamic  – YG, IS, CS

  • Cultural Diversity, Incredible mix of people – CS, GD, CM

  • Variety of foods  – CS, CM, IS

  • Financial center of the world – GD

  • Time Square- IS



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