iPhone-changing life

Let me start saying that I love technology gadgets, mostly the Internet stuff. Chronic addiction, I say. No support group yet. Up until two weeks ago the content of my purse included an iPod, a PDA, my digital camera (don’t ask!), and my cellphone. Sometimes I carried another bag with my laptop…


Two weeks ago an iPhone changed my life. Oh yes, I have been lured to the evil delicious ways of iPhone and the whole monopoly. My cell phone contract was up which meant that I had to purchase a new phone -the old one looked like the cell phone from hell all covered with yellow patches. Few people around me had been talking about the wonders of iPhones. Oh well, I thought. I also heard that ATT is the exclusive carrier of iPhones in the USA with an exclusive contract for at least the next 7 years. Wait a second, ATT is my phone carrier…


So it happened that I walked into my local ATT store, talked to a sales person (Ken) about buying a new phone, he gave me the once over (looked at me really quick), made a bee-line to the iPhones and said, ‘You are an iPhone girl!’ grinning from ear to ear. A What? No answer. Instead Ken asked me to touch the iPhone screen which I did and there it was, a smooth black screen with shining icons appearing and disappearing as I touched the screen. My music, my Internet, my Camera, my Weather, My emails, My Text messages, my Everything: all in ONE. Sold! The word came out of my mouth not-surprising-anyone.


Happy ending: Now I carry my iPhone in my pocket. I don’t even need a purse. I have an iPhone with my itunes (ipod), agenda (PDA), higher-quality-than-any-regular-phone camera, and… Safari!!! That’s how iPhones are calling their Internet service. 


Wish: Counting the minutes until I can download msn messenger on my iPhone- is the only thing not available yet! Also, I can’t wait to try and use my iPhone on an airplane. Is that too much?! Really…the future is here. Jet Blue just announced free in-flight access to email and IM service for passengers with WiFi-equipped devices  — Wait a second, I have a Jet Blue frequent-flyer card…


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