Hot men and the ‘making it right’ concept

There is nothing hotter than having a brilliant and passionate man working to solve timely issues.  N o t h i n g    h o t t e r   than that. I wish my post today was about Brad Pitt. Not because of his fit shape or good looks, but because he has resolved to serve the New Orleans community by partnering with private investors to provide 150 affordable housing to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. More might follow. When asked the why he was embarking in such a mammoth project, Brad Pitt answered (surely battling his long eyelashes, ay!), that he wants to ‘make it right’ in New Orleans. That is soooo hot!!

 But what really got me is the ‘making it right’ concept.

 There are a few good men (and women) making it right these days and I am sure that men, women and children of the world will welcome, with open arms and a big smile, many more who do the ‘right thing.’

That is such an important concept. What is the right thing anyway? As with anything, that concept might be in the eye of the beholder. To me the right thing is remembering my grandfather telling his neighbor, ‘I will drive you to the hospital tomorrow morning,’ and backing up his word, knocking on the door of the neighbor at 7:00am to drive him to the hospital. Doing what he said he was going to do is doing the right thing. A man (or woman) of one word; one handshake; one letter; one email; one text message; one conversation. That is beautiful and rarely seen these days. Although, I can say that many people I know do the right thing  J

So, giving houses to those in need is nice, but the true ‘right thing’ for me comes in many forms and shapes and all have to do with keeping integrity and being the same everywhere.

I am starting to think that being hot is really hard work! It goes beyond looking good or being fit, it really has to do with doing the right thing. Welcome, Brad and keep the door open for many others!


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