Chronicles of the traveling librarian

It has been two weeks since the last time I posted a message. This traveling librarian did it again. As the newest member of the legendary library club using the celebrity librarian space shuttle, I was able to witness various events.

First, congrats once again to everybody’s favorite walkers who ended their 18-month adventure last November 2. Well done and hope you don’t have to do it again 😉 Check out a cool article published on Library Journal, November 1st issue: Walking the Library System – Publishing houses look at this because the book is coming up and a good publishing house is needed…it will be a  smashing hit!

Second, onto Mexico City: FAIFE’s Paul Sturges, Barbara Jones and I presented a workshop titled IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines. It was a wonderful event where librarians from different regions in Mexico participated. We had really good discussions.  A really neat thing is that one of the librarians attending the workshop will present a talk about it at the upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair. This is the second workshop of its nature in Latin America. The first one in Costa Rica, attended by librarians from 14 countries, was widely popular. A guest-talk about the topic was also presented by me last July in Brazil.

Mexico City has beautiful buildings reflecting old-time Spanish and French architecture. Two interesting museums are the Frida Kahlo Museum (located at the house where she and Diego Rivera lived) and the Bellas Artes Museum. With 19.2 million people (2005), the city has millions of cars and grey skies. Pollution is a serious problem which  gave me a sexy voice I didn’t need to present the workshops and a sinuses complication that I am still fighting.  Nevertheless, I had a great time.

Next, returned to New York to send a contribution to Salvador Avila (Las Vegas Public Library and ALA Councilor) for a publication coming out in June 2008. I know it will be great for the profession, particularly for information professionals serving Latinos and the Spanish speaking.  Go, Salvador! (Between you and me, he is superb at what he does!)

A guest-blog entry about Recruiting for Diversity was sent to Webjunction. It should be up within the next few days. The Recruiting for Diversity webinar is set for Tuesday, November 20. Don’t miss it!

All for now. More later…  


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