The Librarians = TV show…

Just today I got an email with a link to the website of a new TV show: The Librarians. Eh?!  Yes, it is a new show on ABC Australia. It starts tonight October 31, 2007 = Halloween. Great day to start a librarians’ show. Love ’em for that.  I am writing this at 12:50pm EST (NYC time) which means that my colleagues in Australia must have watched the show.  I can’t wait to hear their reaction.

I did watch this week’s episode here.  My first impressions: I don’t like the way the director of the library is portrayed; she is not fun. On that episode, she is a bitter, uncool matron, not-customer friendly, profiles customers, biased, wears sensible-everything, and has absolutely no sense of humor. This woman barely smiles, but she does have a crush on a hot library staff that she decides to starts tutoring: he has to follow her everywhere and that is a bit interesting. I don’t like the director’s character but laughed a lot due to all the stereotypes.

The rest of the library staff look like a regular bunch with various characteristics. One of the staff is in a wheelchair due to an accident: while at a trust-your-coworker game, the library director was looking at the behind of The Hot Staff and dropped a rope holding the now-wheelchair bound staff. Bad stuff. Anyways, there was a promising spicy act: a new woman starts working at the library and for her interview she wore a hot-pink, tight, Halter-type dress. Hot. Let’s see.

In general, I think the show touches in too many library/librarians stereotypes. But at the same time, I have enough sense of humor to make fun of librarians so I am not too outraged. The thing that really bothered me was the biased, profiling characteristic given to the library director’s character. [She ask a staff addressing customers in other language than English to stop talking to ‘your friends’ and turns off a computer being used by one of these ‘friends’ justifying everything with being aware of terrorism.] The show includes a sex/nude scene and of course, it has been rated. But, hey! It is the first-ever TV show about librarians. I know about other TV shows where the lead character was a librarian, but none where most of the action takes place at a library like this week’s episode.

Let’s give it a chance. Let’s watch some more, analyze why they portray librarians like this or that, totally tear it apart, post endless emails on listervs, write letters to the TV station for them to change the biased-profiling library director character, and then watch some more. Wish I could watch it here in NYC…


2 thoughts on “The Librarians = TV show…”

  1. Hi Loida,

    I agree with you – I think it is fine to laugh at ourselves but I didn’t like the anti-Muslim aspect of the character. I felt it was way overplayed. I really hope this gets toned down later in the series – or she comes to some realisation about her behaviour!

    I went to see it with 50 other librarians last night in Sydney. I thought the show was not bad, a few giggles “the desk was two deep at one point!”

  2. Lighten up! This show is a ‘comedy satire’, no room for political correctness . Her behaviour is meant to be over the top. The humour is in the extremeness of behaviour . No room for realisations in this genre.

    I did like the hand drawn library sign.

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