Oh My God! Menudo is back.

What is professional life without the excitement of life? Hence the re-introduction of the Menuditis caused by Menudo. I feel like I am coming out of the closet or something because I have a confession to make. I love Menudo!!! Latinos and Puerto Rican readers will know what Menudo is and for the others… a bit of history:

Menudo is still the biggest Latino boy-band that ever existed. Back in the 80s, they were the first ones to bring 100,000+ people to the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City (the biggest stadium in Latin America at the time), they were in American, Brazilian, Spaniard, and Japanese TV shows, and they brought us Ricky Martin!

Just this month, MTV launched a new series to find new members for Menudo which ceased to exist in 1996. They are bringing the band back to our radios, TVs and computers. The other day I was just surfing channels when I saw the word Menudo (aaah!) and as any good Puerto R ican girl growing up in the 80’s, stopped and watched the entire program. Oh, it just brought up so many good memories of growing up in Puerto Rico and listening to Menudo, watching their movies and weekly TV show, and generally bugging my mom to buy every single t-shirt, backpack, pencils… and you name it with the Menudo logo on it.

Alright, I have no idea if the new band will be any good but the old band was superb! and that is out of discussion 😉 While I am at it, I will mention my fav Menudo: Rene, and of course, Ray, Johny, Miguel, Xavier, Ricky I, Robby (Draco), and Ricky II (the notable Ricky Martin). I know, I know that was like a million years ago… but Menudo was the first worldwide celebrity Puerto Rican girls had…

Any comments about Menudo?


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