Tattooed librarians

Tattoo revolution!

Here are pics of a few of the hundreds of librarians who got tattoos at the NYLA conference. Zahra Mirjehan Baird, a blue-haired librarian from Westchester was applying tattoos to everyone. Where librarians placed their tattoos? Chest, hand, forearm, face, neck, back of neck, palm of the hand… The pics were taken by Zahra.


One thought on “Tattooed librarians”

  1. Love your blog and the NYLA tattoo photos. Zahra Baird was the facilitator of the tattoo DIG (Discovery Interest Group) table. During the exhibitors lunch at conference, there were 16 tables with different areas of interest (dogs, knitting, sailing, performance music, etc) that attendees could sit at and talk with like-minded souls. Regardless of the table, EVERYONE had to have a NYLA tattoo! Thanks, Zahra!

    Rachel Baum
    NYLA Past President

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