Of Tattooed librarians & NYLA Conference

The 2007 New York Library Association Annual Conference was held in Buffalo, NY over the weekend of Oct 17-20. There were many good programs such as Serving Diverse Communities: Adult Reference where an all-Star-Queens Library panel discussed successful ways of serving adults from ethnically diverse backgrounds. The panelists essentially just answered questions from the public. It was awesome! We sat at the presiding table and answered millions of questions about how we do our job.

Spanish Language Outreach Stories was a very moving program where librarians shared incredible top-secret tales on how they are working underground to reach out to newcomers that are so afraid of visiting libraries that they will only read books or listen to ESOL CDs given to them by the people hosting their community meetings.

Another program worth mentioning was Profiles in Courage: Urban Libraries Director’s Panel where directors from 6 public libraries including Brooklyn and Queens PLs, joined NY State Commissioner of Cultural Education to talk about staffing, funding, technology and issues that concern us all.

I thought of mentioning that Queens Library had a centerfold announcement on the Conference’s program… so, I was a centerfold girl! 

Alright, now I should mention the tattoos. Everyone at NYLA was sporting a tattoo. Old, new, tall, and small: everyone had a NYLA tattoo thanks to Zahra Mirjehan Baird. Some like me choose their hands to sport the tattoo. Other women had theirs in the forearms or chests (ay!). Men were more conservative choosing to have their tattoos on their necks or back of the head. A total revolution! I can’t wait to order some IFLA tattoos to share in Quebec 😉


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