Smashing librarian stereotype into a million pieces!

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This morning the Today show had a session where they presented the latest trend in fashion, “the sexy librarian look.” The what? Double-take to the TV set while eating my cereal and there they were, proclaiming the new fashion hit of the season. So, how the models looked? Well, all of them were women, so the producers of the show took that librarians were only women? Sorry cool, funny, handsome, brilliant library guys. Continuing with the models: all of them wore the hair in a bun, reading glasses, pencil skirts below the knees, and stilettos. It was all very chic, very cool, and really hot!

How so? I like a nice pencil skirt -they are sexy and fit so good that they make you look like a million dollars. Stilettos, oh yes! Love them. Reading glasses? I don’t wear them (not yet). Buns? er, I have not seen many of those at library conferences… but they might be back! Just like Justin brought sexy back 😉

I am not going to discuss if librarians are sexy or not or the practicalities of wearing stilettos to shelve books. Nope, not here. I’ve read enough of those blogs. This post is about how librarians like any woman, can be sexy and I know many sexy ones.

I have not seen many librarians wearing a bun-reading glasses-pencil skirt-stilettos combo though. Maria, Jo, Sari, Liz, Robyn, shall we take note and run to buy one of those combos? I’ve seen sexy librarians wearing dresses, long and short skirts, jeans, tight pants, loose pants, boots, flats, stilettos, hair up, hair down, contact lenses, suits, and so on (the list is long!).  They come in all shapes and forms and they are lovely sexy librarians. News! One can be professional, intelligent, brilliant and unabashedly sexy!

So what? The world is bringing the sexy librarian look back and I love it. Even if they have put the stereotyped librarian style looking hotter than ever. What? My friends will totally fry me because they are sexy librarians and it is just plain funny (?!)  when the world ‘discovers’ that librarians can be and are sexy. We knew it!

Below, I share projects by librarians. I also have a section of this blog titled Like-a-Librarian with few curiosities. Of course, Parker Posey the queen of all things sexy-librarian is at the top of the list.

Wyoming Libraries  have developed the Mud Flap Girl Campaign

The Men of Texas Libraries

Know of any other example? Send it my way!


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