Brenda has a dragon in her blood

On my IFLA- Durban, SA post I mentioned a book about HIV/AIDS stigma announced at the FAIFE programme. The book impressed me and I thought of sharing more information with you all. I can’t wait to see this book or one about the topic in the States! Publishers, hello! Thanks to Ms Maria Cotera who sent me the title: Brenda has a dragon in her blood. 

In South Africa many people live with a stigma because of HIV/AIDS. This book is about Brenda an HIV positive girl who likes to play with her classmates, sit with them at school and share many things with them. She is just like any girl! The book was written by Brenda’s foster mother, both live in The Netherlands. It has been translated into 11 South African official languages, Dutch and French.

At the book launching in SA, the author of the book,  Hijltje Vink,  presented it with the following words:

All over the world, people have misconceptions about how someone contracts HIV or AIDS from someone who is infected – like thinking that it is not safe to drink something from the same glass as someone else. Most healthy people would rather stay away from someone with HIV or AIDS and don’t realize how very hurtful this attitude is for that person.

This book is intended firstly to support those children (and adults) with HIV and AIDS, in the hope that the prejudices about this disease will disappear. Both the information in this little book and Brenda’s story make this possible. Although Brenda lives in the Netherlands, there are many children in many countries, also in our country, who suffer from the same sickness.



2 thoughts on “Brenda has a dragon in her blood”

  1. I too have been looking for this book in the United States or a way to order an English language version via phone or internet. If you can provide any other information, it would be greatly appreciated.

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