I survived the 2007 Harry Potter locked in the Library — Not!

I traveled almost non-stop during the summer. Harry Potter, what Harry Potter? Kidding aside, I plan to read the last book this December. I now know that dear Harry survived (phew!) and can calmly wait until my school break during the holidays to read all 784 pages.

Where I traveled? My traveling summer started in late June with ALA in DC but I already wrote about that (June postings). I’ve covered July travels too. Now, I still have to let you know about the big event: IFLA annual conference in South Africa.

I will post a series about IFLA, ready? set, go!


Look for next postings. If you are subscribed, you will receive a bunch of alerts and if you are not subscribed… what are you waiting for 🙂   Either case, I wouldn’t know when you subscribe or unsubscribe– technology is like that!


One thought on “I survived the 2007 Harry Potter locked in the Library — Not!”

  1. ánimo!!! yo también estoy esperando al receso navideño para leer Harry Potter. Mientras tanto, cuando alguien quiere comentar el libro conmigo, presento mi mejor sonrisa y les digo, “es que todavía no lo he leído porque no quiero adelantar mi regalo de navidad”

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