Library Conference in Brasilia, Brazil

Eu gosto de Brazil.  Todos é assim bonito e amigável. Eu espero retornar o ano seguinte.


I liked Brasilia. Everyone warned me, ‘it is so not the Brazil you’ve heard of.’ It was fun! I enjoyed it very much. The food was yummy and the people were absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful women and men walked around the city as if they owned the universe. hot!

Brasilia is a rather new city. Inaugurated in April 21, 1960, it is laid out similar to a plane or as its designer duo, architects Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa called it, Plano Piloto – see the shape of a plane in the picture?

But I was in Brasilia for work! 

I gave a speech about FAIFE Activities and the Internet Manifesto Guidelines at the XXII Brazilian Congress on Library Science, Documentation and Information Science. Presented by FEBAB, the Brazilian Federation of Librarians Associations, Information Scientists and Institutions. Brasilia, Brazil.

The Congress was attended by more than one thousand librarians and information science professionals. The event is presented every two years at a different city. Speakers from South America, Canada, United States and Spain shared information about collaboration with the European Union, digitization initiatives for academic libraries in South America, the state of school and public libraries in Brazil and much more. Everything was compiled into a CD… I have a copy and if you are interested, I can share it with you.


Heartfelt thanks to FEBAB President, Marcia Rosetto for the invitation, and to Simone Vieira, Director of the Federal Senate Library of Brazil who gave me a tour of the city and took me to lunch to a beautiful place overlooking Lake Paranoa. Many thanks to IFLA and FAIFE for the opportunity.


Hellos to my new lovely Brazilian friends. Hope to see you soon!




2 thoughts on “Library Conference in Brasilia, Brazil”

  1. Kindly help me with an e-mail address of one of the bigger (city) public libraries. I am a PHD student and would like to do a comparative study at one of their public libraries.

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