Ensuring access to information to Spanish speakers with Disabilities

From ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC – notes from Saturday, June 23, 2007

 Saturday was a day of committee meetings and awards– well, the award reception I attended was that of the Intellectual Freedom Round Table of which I am a Director-at-Large. An award was given to the John Doe librarian (group) from Connecticut. Read more here.

I coordinated a program titled Serving Spanish Speakers with Disabilities which was presented during the morning.

Carry Banks, Director of the Child’s Place at the Children for Disabilities Unit at Brooklyn Public Library, shared helpful cultural and social resources about how to help librarians to work with this population.

Elizabeth and Cindy from the University of Puerto Rico/ Graduate School of Information Sciences, presented initiaves from the Puerto Rico Assistive Technology Project located at the Unit of Library Services for the Blind and Handicapped, Unversity of Puerto Rico/ Rio Piedras Campus. This project offers services to university students and general population in Puerto Rico. It is the only center of its nature in the Caribbean serving as a model of library services to Spanish speakers with disabilities.

and… yours truly provided information about how to develop collections for this population. Unfortunately, there is no much published for persons with disabilities in Spanish and a large part of what is published or available is not current. BUT, I managed to share a list of current books (picture, chapter, non-fiction, fiction) for adults and children that a distributor compiled for the program. If you are interested, email me and I will send it to you.

I’d like to encourage publishers to make sure that publications reflect the needs of this population. It is a matter of ensuring access to information to persons with disabilities, parents of persons with disabilities, friends and family in general of Spanish speakers with disabilities.


4 thoughts on “Ensuring access to information to Spanish speakers with Disabilities”

  1. I think it is important to have materials available for spanish speaking population. Could you send me a copy of your publication? Thanks. Sandy

  2. Hi Loida! Thanks for inviting us over, we had a great time. For the record, though, My name’s Elizabeth, not Evelyn. 🙂

  3. I am interested in the list of current books, pictures etc. that are available in spanish. I am also looking for articles about disabilities for parents in spanish and in the process of translating articles I have found in the internet. I sure could use any web sites that I can get articles in spanish. Thanks

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