Hair… Does it matters?

Today, in the best tradition of this blog which includes views on profession and life…

Hair, Cabello, Pelo matters. I, Loida, am cutting my down-to-my-waist hair for the first time. Very exciting and terrifying experience. I surveyed experts to know Why women go mental about their hair?

Here are contributions from experts on the topic:

Claudia – as of today, still with jaw-length hair; known for shaving her head every now and then; brown hair

Sari – shoulder-length hair; brown hair with highlights

Karen- shoulder-length hair; blonde

Yazmin- highlighted waist-length hair, cuts hair every 3 years; blonde

Tirsa- highlighted waist-length hair, cuts hair every 2 years, former jet-black hair; currently, red-haired girl

Do blondes have more fun?

It is all about the attitude not the color!! You should have known better than that you were reddish!!!! (Karen) Are you loving
New York yet? (Tirsa)

Girls know how to have fun and the color of the hair has nothing to do with it. (Sari)  Nonsense. (Claudia)

Blondes have fun, fun, fun. Stay with us! (Yazmin)

Are dark-haired girls the bad girls everyone thinks?

It all depends on personality. (Sari)

Nonsense. (Claudia)

They definitely have more time because they don’t have to deal with the growing roots! (Karen)

I wouldn’t go to dark-hair land. (Forever blonde, Yazmin)

Does it have to do with appearance?

It makes one feel sexy. The longer the hair, the better. (Yazmin)

It can make you look old/young.  A good haircut and good color can take years off your face! (Tirsa)

Short hair is a real animal difficult to tame. (Claudia, Sari)

Why then, we get so mad about our hair?

Maslow got the answer. (Sari)

Cutting your hair can transform you in a whole new persona.  You must really think long and hard about it to take the right decision, otherwise you will have to wait until it grows! (Karen)

Factors affecting decisions to cut, dye and letting grow hair: time, type, budget, face shape. (Sari)  Need to change. (Karen)

People with long hair that have the guts to cut it off are more daring to change anything else in their lives. Girls think too much about how they look. (Claudia)

I don’t have feelings for my hair. I love myself as I am and everyone should do the same. (Blessed Claudia. One of the few that can sport a shaved head and look beautiful.)

People associate changes with their hair: work, relationships… (Karen)

It is the frame to your face. (Claudia, Yazmin, Tirsa, Sari)

The ‘state’ of the hair (e.g. “bad hair day”) can make you feel invincible or rather moody. (Tirsa)

 *More on this soon… should I cut my hair or…


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