Fight Cancer with Knowledge!


Cancer Facts & Figures 2007 estimates that nationwide, approximately 1,444,920 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2007. About 559,650 are expected to die from cancer this year, “more than 1,500 people a day.” The improvement in survivals reflects progress in diagnosing certain cancers at an early stage…

Queens Library is fighting cancer with knowledge… and I am managing this initiative from the library side.

Today we held the 2nd Orientation of Queens Library Healthlink, a five-year, almost two million dollar federally funded project in partnership with Memorial Sloan-Kettering CancerCenter, the American Cancer Society’s Queens Office, and Queens Cancer Center of Queens Hospital . It was developed to help medically underserved communities in Queens providing free early detection screenings, information and much more. Queens Library Healthlink was launched on January 17, 2007. Read a Daily News article about the event.


Services include:

  • mobile cancer screening van providing free mammogram and Pap tests

  • project allows Queens Library to increase its outreach resources, adding two Outreach Specialists

  • Cancer awareness workshops, available in 15 languages, presented by the American Cancer Society. Referals to free screenings are included.

Information about the project is available here  and I am also available to answer any questions.




One thought on “Fight Cancer with Knowledge!”

  1. Esto es sumamente importnte y me parece que no se puede pasar por alto. Es muy silencioso. Es hora de actuar todos debemos sentirnos aludidos. Felicitaciones por esta labor en conjunto. Apoyemos esta causa, puede ser alguien que conozcamos….

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