You don’t look like a librarian!

Yesterday I was at a video shooting session with a cool crew from DCTV.  We shoot a piece for an upcoming presentation @ the library. The guys were very professional and it was fun. Thanks for taking care of hair/face, and checking that all I said was beautifully articulated 🙂 It is funny how self-conscious I always feel while shooting – believe me, it is always the same. I have to smile more – I think- or I got to stop touching my hair 50 times per minute! 

It is fun to be a librarian– New York media, take note! Presenting Ms Loida:

feb07video-007.jpg      feb07video-003.jpg


4 thoughts on “You don’t look like a librarian!”

  1. Eres una mujer excepcional y valiosa. EXITO!! en todo lo que emprendas, ya que se que te esfuerzas por tu trabajo. Cuidate.
    te aprecio mucho!!

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