Midwinter I

I must admit that I swore that I was never going to blog but, I think this might be of interest to other colleagues that for x reasons couldn’t make it to ALA Midwinter.

I arrived to Seattle on Thursday night after a three hour delay at JFK. It felt good to arrive to the city of Bill and Melinda Gates, and Microsoft. I absolutely felt much better knowing that my shuttle bus was an eco friendly, hybrid one.

The first part of my first full-day at ALA Midwinter was dedicated to become familiar with the WashingtonStateConvention & TradeCenter and the city itself. Lucky me that I am staying a block from beautifully designed (renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas Seattle Public Library/ Central Library and few blocks from Pike Street where most of the in stores and business are.

The registration process was fast, obtained conference materials and happily strolled down to the Internet café to check how the world outside Seattle was. Lunch was at a small side café at the Convention Center where a pianist performed everything from Don’t Cry for Me Argentina to Beethoven. Ah,

 I saw many friendly faces at my International Relations Committee meeting. Sjoerd M. J. Koopman, IFLA Coordinator of Professional Activities attended the meeting and shared good news from the worldwide library organization based on The Hague. Carol Brey-Casiano, Barbara Ford, and Michael Dowling, all were there. It rocks!

Right after the meeting, Exhibits Opening! There were so many people! It was great and well organized. And right after this event, visited Pacific Place with my friend Robin. A cool shopping center with many restaurants and pubs where to unwind after an intense day. But soon it was time to go and prepare for another meeting.

REFORMA Executive Board of which I am a member had its meeting from 8:00-10:00pm. Friday night meeting with fantastic news from The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking.

After the meeting, most of REFORMA Executive Board headed to a near restaurant for dinner. Some researched BellTOWN but it was like ‘window shopping.’ Too tired to neither eat anything else nor enjoy any live music.

It was a good and productive day, and I was grateful to have such a nice room where I slept well.


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